Anthony Fuentes

Anthony Fuentes

Full Stack Developer



screenshot open source learning project

Reddit Visualizer

Reddit Visualizer allows users to explore the connections between subreddits through an interactive tree, based on data from the Reddit API.

  • Custom gem for communicating with the Reddit API
  • Event-driven AJAX communication
  • Interactive tree visualization using D3.js
Checkout the GitHub repo Read the blog post (including bloopers)
screenshot Futuregard


Futuregard is a gamified stock portfolio implemented as an AngularJS single-page app.

  • Actual stock data retrieved via AJAX from Yahoo API
  • Multi-view states implemented using UI-Router
  • NoSQL data modeling and thorough data scrubbing
Checkout the GitHub repo
screenshot social connection

Social Connection

Social Connection is a fully-functional social network built with Ruby on Rails.

  • Extensive testing using Capybara, rspec-rails, factory_girl
  • Image uploading and management through Paperclip and AWS S3
  • Delayed::Job email processing
Checkout the GitHub repo